27 de setembro de 2017

The Lost Letter - Mimi Matthews - Review

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I'm not used to read novels which give an historic background or from the ''Victorian'' era. I believe that Mimi Matthews made an excellent book, because even though it has some clichés (every book has it), it has some twists which appeals to the reader's curiosity. It's true that some moments were a bit predictable, but once you read this kind of novels, you come to the conclusion that it's almost impossible to not find the same main ideas in 3/4 books.

First of all, I like the way the writer describes the environment, I enjoy those detailed scenarios, which feed my and yours imagination and makes it easier to live inside the story. The dialogues between the characters are really well done, in factyouu can assume that they are authentic to the years.
The only down on this book is probably the title, when I was searching online, I found out that there were many books with the same or a similar title. Once I read the book, that little problem didn't matter at all.

It may be a spoiler, but I liked the fact that there was not a love triangle. I'm so over that! It's just to obvious and gladly that didn't happen. It's a very easy to read kind of book and it also has many funny and romantic moments. Ah, love is in the air!

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